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Free Instagram downloader is an efficiently growing tool with global users. Using this tool, you can freely download any Instagram content in the blink of an eye. But firstly, always make sure that the account is public. It is because you can download any content posted on a private account. We prioritize the privacy of the users on Instagram. If it is global content, download it and enjoy watching it offline!

Open Instagram app

Open Instagram App

The first step is to open the Instagram app to choose your favorite content URL.

Copy URL

Copy URL

The next step is to copy your preferred content link to use in the tool.

Paste URL

Paste URL

After copying the content URL, paste it on the free Instagram downloader tool. You can find a text box to post the URL.



Tap the "Download" option to save the video to your device's gallery or Downloads.

Are You Looking For Simple Ways to Use Our Free Instagram Downloader Tool?

The free Instagram downloader tool is built with an elementary usage process. Anybody could use the tool without any practice; it is that simple. It is beautiful if you are a beginner too. The tool works with a few taps.

Why Is It a Right Choice to Use Free Instagram Downloader Tool?

Free Instagram downloader is the elementary approach to saving or downloading posts or any content from Instagram. Our tool efficiently and perfectly works on any primary web browser. All you need is a good internet connection to run the results.

Fastest Tool Ever

Fastest Tool Ever

Our free Instagram downloader is one of the fastest Instagram downloaders. Its inbuilt features and potential can download or save Instagram content in a fraction of a second. We have many people who prefer our tool for its rapid nature.

No Login Required

No Login Required

Our free Instagram downloader will not require your login details to download Instagram content. You don't have to log in to your Instagram profile to save someone's story or videos. All we require is to copy and paste your preferred video's URL.

One-tap Download

One-tap Download

The procedure to download any content from Instagram is elementary. It just takes a few minutes and very few taps or clicks. First, copy the content's URL and paste it into the tool's text box. Then, tap the Download option to see the video getting downloaded.

Quality Focus!

Quality Focus

Our tool is entirely focused on offering our clientele quality videos and content. Our tool downloads the content in its original quality. There will be no quality compression or breach. The video will be saved to your device in its actual nature.

Wide Downloads

Wide Downloads

Our tool supports only video downloads. Using our free Instagram video downloader, you can save Pictures, Reels, Stories, and videos. In addition, you can save content in any form and download it for future use.

Zero Investments

Zero Investments

Our tool arrives at no cost. You do not have to make payments or any investments using the tool. So users with any financial budget could use this tool at any time. Accessibility is fundamental. Even beginners could get used to it.

Are You Still Confused About Using Free Instagram Downloader Tool?

Free Instagram downloader tools might be new to the users in the initial stage. But in the below Q&A, you will get an idea about why our free Instagram video downloader is undoubtedly a great choice you can ever make.

  • You have no restrictions while using our free Instagram downloader tool to save high-quality images and videos! Downloading multiple mixed-media files for videos, pictures, stories, reels, and album posts is as easy as one tap. We ensure that when you use our downloader, you receive original photographs in their sizes. Our 24-hour story save feature also ensures that your favorite stories don't disappear. Downloading them for later viewing is simple. Additionally, you can download up to 10 images or clips with just one click using our carousel download function. All you need to do is copy and paste the link; our downloader will handle the rest.

  • Of course, yes! Free Instagram downloader for privately storing media content! All you require is a browser extension to utilize our tool to save endless videos, pictures, and stories. Instagram is a well-liked platform for documenting everyday existence. This application is present on almost each third Android or iPhone handset. Everybody, and anyway, possesses something to exhibit! Unfortunately, given all the benefits, the Instagram application does not include a function that allows users to save their photographs, video clips, and stories. Using our free Instagram downloader, you can download Instagram images, stories, and videos to store them on your smartphone or computer.

  • Don't lose any stories; our free Instagram downloader is now on guard to assist you in saving any of them on your gadget or device. Retain and use them as needed without worrying about losing them permanently. You must copy the content's link and enter it into the text space on our website's home page if you look forward to saving any images or videos. Then select "Download" from the menu. It's all simple and easy! Anybody could get used to this simple procedure. You can be someone other than a professional or an expert to use our tool.

  • Thanks to the free Instagram downloader's efficiency, the downloaded clips or videos don't contain any additional watermarks. In addition, the tool hardly shows any advertisements while the Instagram videos get downloaded. Our free Instagram video downloader offers a zero-cost, free download option. Also, it may be used to download Instagram videos to various devices, including a phone, computer, tablet, laptop, etc. With all these benefits, you can check out our site without hesitations.

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Customer Testimonials

Our free Instagram downloader site is an efficient site for downloading Instagram content. We have a lot of happy users who felt very satisfied with our free Instagram post downloader. To know what our users think about the tool, keep reading below!

Free Instagram downloader tools are the best resources to download and save videos, pictures, and Reels from Instagram. Users from various parts of the world are using this tool to easily keep their preferred Instagram content. Since it is a global site, anybody can access it without obstacles.

No! Unfortunately, the Instagram application does not allow users to save content directly from the application. In that case, do not worry; we are here for you. We will help you by downloading your preferred content from Instagram. All we need is a simple link to that particular content. It is all done!

The free Instagram downloader tool is fully unlimited. You can download and save unlimited content from Instagram to your gallery. There is no such kind of limitation or restriction imposed by our free Instagram downloader. You don't have to worry about how great the content is; it will get saved in the blink of an eye.

No! The Free Instagram downloader tool is entirely free. There is no subscription; you don't have to spend even a penny to use this tool. All you have to do is register your mail and use the tool for free. This is why anybody with any living standard can use this tool—still worried? Check into the site and see it for yourself.

Our free Instagram downloader tool will help you save photos, videos, reels, or any content on Instagram. There is no limitation that you can download only videos. The tool is built to ensure the users that any preferred Instagram content will be saved to the device's storage in a fraction of a second. Try it to learn more!

Yes! But only if the user profile is public. Since we have more concerns over other users' privacy and copyright issues, we do not encourage account breaches. The content can be downloaded only if the user I'd is public or open. We always oblige to the rules and regulations that the application has imposed.

Our free Instagram downloader tool will help you download the Instagram content in its quality. Any HD videos, pictures, and Reels can be stored using our tool. There will be no quality crack. You can get the posts in their quality. It is indeed one of the best factors of using our free Instagram downloader tool. Try it for once!

Our free Instagram downloader tool does not come with any Instagram sign-in requirements. You don't have to log in to your Instagram account to download content. So you will not need to put in your username or password to use this tool. If there is any requirement, we will mention it in terms of use.

Not! Our free Instagram download tool arrives at no cost. Using the tool, you do not need to make any payments or subscriptions. Instead, you should follow the simple steps to get your work done. Users with any financial budget could use the tool since the tool will not require any investments or cash inputs.

Our free Instagram downloader will save your content in the 'Downloads' criteria. You can check your device's download space to use the saved content. You can also reach out to our customer support team if you need help downloading. Our team of experts is available for you 24/7. Don't hesitate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The free Instagram downloader tool is very efficient. But still, you might feel confused about making use of it. If yes, read the FAQs below to get a better idea about our tool. Keep reading!

All Set to Start With Free Instagram Downloader Tool?

Free Instagram downloader is here for you with an easy user- interface. Now, you can enjoy unlimited Instagram videos in an offline mode. Jump in and start downloading your favorite Instagram videos using our tool.